Providing Counselling & Training Supports for:

  • Depression in Pregnancy
  • Post Natal Depression / anxiety / OCD
  • Premature Babies 
  • Traumatic Birth 
  • Miscarriage
  • Loss of a baby
  • Crisis Pregnancy   

Our Support Services Include: 

  • One to one counselling
  • Telephone Support
  • Skype counselling
  • Support Groups
  • Facilitated support groups with accredited counsellors 
  • Training to Corporate, Companies, or Other Groups Bespoke Wellness Programmes (Designed by Nurture Health) 

COVID19 –  Import Message


Plus our “Womens Private Support Forum” (Under Review January 2021)

Hi All, 

We want to let you know we are here to support you with your mental health worries or concerns by phone / video counselling whilst we have some counsellors working face to face currently.

Our counselling supports are available to you across all counties in Ireland from our wonderful team of 28 accredited counsellors. Regarding COVID19 self isolation may become the norm for women & men therefore they may not be in a position to visit a counsellor for face to face counselling so now you have the option to consider Phone / Video Counselling.

Also an additional resource to consider 
You could consider joining our “Women’s Private Support Forum”  where you will have the opportunity to talk with like minded women about your own mental health worries or concerns. The forum members are more than respectful to every woman that joins and will be supported by Nurture Health with professional health tips.   Please follow this link to join (one years membership): Join Nurture Forum  

Stay safe and wishing you all the very best in these challenging times,

Irene Lowry
– Owner / Counsellor MIACP Nurture Health 

Join the Nurture Health Closed Women’s Forum

Nurture Health has a wonderful working partnership with both Irish Life Health and Vhi Healthcare Insurance Companies in Ireland offering immediate counselling support to their members.

Customer Service number: 1890 444 444
Customer Service number 1890 717 717

Please check your policy entitlements as to how many counselling sessions you are covered for prior to contacting Nurture 

Customer Service Numbers are:
Irish Life Health 1890 717 717
Vhi Healthcare 1890 44 44 44

Please then call us directly to make an immediate appointment to be connected in with one of our counsellors on 085 8619585

Thank You So Much! 

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