Over the course of the last ten years I have successfully overseen and managed Nurture Health and currently we work with 28 accredited counsellors nationally across Ireland. We offer immediate affordable professional counselling supports to women and partners. To date we have counselled over 8,200 women and 2,500 partners in that period.

Nurture’s new Closed Women’s Support Forum will be moderated by Irene Lowry, the founder of Nurture Health and a qualified humanistic counsellor accredited with the IACP https://iacp.ie/ The first 50 members can join the forum free of charge for one year. The charge to cover the time spent on moderation will normally be €35 per year.

Irene will be offering support to all women on this wonderful closed support forum, offering professional mental health tips and advice to ensure your overall well being. She is more than excited to offer support to you and connect you in with other like minded women. You will soon realise you are ‘Not Alone’ and that there are thousands of other women like you experiencing similar struggles looking for connection to each other and some answers to their current difficulties.