Nurture Health is a nationwide counselling & training support service with over nine years experience delivering immediate, timely and affordable well being professional counselling supports surrounding conception, pregnancy,  childbirth and other related difficulties. We support women and partners in Ireland. Our philosophy is one of listening and supporting women back to positive emotional ‘well being’.

?The Areas of Well Being We Support ?

Depression in Pregnancy
Post Natal Depression
Premature Births  
Traumatic Birth 
IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)
Miscarriage / Loss of a Baby 
Other related life choices such as non judgmental support around a termination  

Professional Counselling 

Counselling:  One to One Counselling via Skype or Telephone
We have a ‘No Wait List Policy’ 

Facilitated Well Being – Support Groups

Our counsellors’ facilitate women’s support groups (8 week period)
Areas include: Depression in Pregnancy, Post Natal Depression & Grief

Well Being – Training Programmes

WOW (Wellness of Women in the Workplace)
Returning Back to Work (After maternity leave)
Combined with additional Well being programmes
Suitable For: Corporate, Companies, Organisations & Female Groups

Wellness Empowerment Days

Would you like to feel more motivated and empowered in your own life? Join us and other like minded women for a fun learning day out ‘Bring a Friend’ Meet and talk with our wonderful speakers who will share their life stories of how they managed to stay well and feel empowered.
This in turn will help you to stay focused and feel empowered in your own life

Professional Talks – Positive Outcomes 

Nurture Health’s ethos is one of HOPE and VISION, Irene Lowry Managing Director of Nurture Health along with our 28  accredited counsellor’s are available to talk with corporate teams, women groups and other professionals. We share specific information about the areas we work in and give our professional insights on these areas.  

We talk about the staggering statistics in Ireland relating to the illnesses we work with and discuss the negative impact on women’s lives. These devasting illnesses are more than challenging for a woman to experience and they do not just affect the woman but all her loved ones too. 

Moving on from this information we talk about the importance of talk therapy for a woman who is struggling with one of these illnesses such as post natal depression and how with professional support a woman can be really well over time. Over the past nine years Nurture Health has counselled over 7,500 women and 1,100 men, we know through our wellness survey that the majority of those who were counselled in our support services are now living a fully and healthy life where family life is once again restored in a positive way.  

These talks offer a solution to the problem, they help women to understand the importance of education whilst developing new skills to help them cope and assist them to live a healthy family life.  

Through our professional supports we offer every woman that sense of ‘HOPE’ where family life can once again be restored.