About Nurture Health

What We Do:

Nurture Health is a unique nationwide professional counselling support service.

We offer immediate, timely and affordable support to women and partners.

We work with 32+ accredited counsellors. Most of our counsellors are accredited to IACP.


The areas of mental health we support are: pregnancy, fertility, childbirth, loss of a baby, perimenopause and menopause.

Our philosophy is one of listening and supporting women back to positive emotional well-being.

Nurture Health’s mission is to offer immediate, affordable professional supports to women and partners to help them get back to living a healthy and a fulfilling life.

We have a ‘No Wait List Policy’ 

Irene Lowry


Established as Nurture –

A professional, mental health organisation in 2011

Irene is more than passionate about women’s mental health.
She established Nurture – A professional mental health organisation in 2011.
She offers her professional counselling support to women by listening to their life struggles and helping them get back to ‘positive mental health’
International sales and marketing experience over 20 years.

MIACP an accredited counsellor with IACP Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
‘For Impact Awardee’ – Social Entrepreneurs Ireland 2015
Completed a 2 year business programme – Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
Work and support our wonderful team of 32+ accredited counsellors

Have a listen to Irene’s ‘For Impact’ SEI acceptance speech.