Illnesses in Ireland



22,000 women are diagnosed with antenatal and postnatal depression.



15,000 women will experience a miscarriage  (1 in 5 women)



4,500 women will experience post traumatic stress disorder



2,600 couples will experience the journey of IVF  (In vitro fertilisation) minimum – One Time 



650 babies tragically die each year



The main feelings a woman experiences if she is struggling with one of these debilitating illnesses is one of isolation and loneliness. These figures prove that a woman should not feel alone as there are thousands of other women experiencing illnesses just like you. Women are afraid to talk about how they are struggling therefore this area of pregnancy and maternal mental health is TABOO and a National Silence. 



If you are struggling it is vital for you to talk to someone close to you: your partner, a loved one, family, a friend. A professional: Your GP, a Public Health Nurse, or any other professional who you believe could help you.



Or Call Nurture Health on:



085 8619585.



Nurture Health’s mission is to offer immediate, affordable professional supports to women and partners to help them get back to living a healthy and a fulfilling life. 



Breaking the Silence



Regarding the areas of health we work with such as Depression in Pregnancy, Post Natal Depression, Miscarriage, or Loss of a baby our aim is toBreak the Silence’ and we can only do this with your help we know that once a woman or partner is supported by Nurture Health that they are really well over time. So with your help you can help us break down this national silence.  If you would like to talk to a member of our team in Nurture Health please click here to see how to contact us.



All information is treated with utmost confidentiality



“It really is okay to talk about it”