Nurture’s Professional Counselling Services

Nurture provides affordable and accessible counselling to anyone in need of support dealing with conception, pregnancy or post-childbirth mental health illness or emotional distress.

Those who turn to Nurture are seen within two weeks of contacting the charity. In severe cases a woman or mother will be seen within 24 / 48 hours.

We facilitate both face-to-face counselling and Skype counselling.  Whilst our counsellors are trained in many other areas of emotional health, they are specifically trained to work in the areas Nurture deals with.

From Nurture’s conception in 2011 the charity has offered talk-therapy to women, mothers and their families suffering from childbirth-related mental health illnesses. These include depression,  postnatal depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, baby blues, postpartum psychosis, depression during pregnancy, IVF disappointment, infertility, pregnancy loss such as stillbirths & miscarriages, neonatal deaths such premature births & birth defects.

Nurture’s affordable and accessible services helped 375 women to overcome pregnancy-related mental health illnesses in 2012.  Depression relating to pregnancy and childbirth is not linked to age or social status nor is it associated with just women, it affects men too and in 2012 Nurture helped 35 partners who were battling these illnesses by offering them counselling support.

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If you need to talk or are worried about a loved one and to speak to someone who cares in complete confidentiality please click here to see how to contact us.