Irene’s professional background is diverse she comes from a sales and marketing background. She went on to train as a humanistic counsellor and soon developed a passion for women’s mental health issues. Irene established her own counselling practice in 2008 in Rush, North County Dublin and is an accredited counsellor with the IACP 

In 2011 Irene established Nurture with her great friend Lilian Mc Gowan, their aim was to create a unique and vibrant nationwide counselling and training support service in Ireland. They soon realised that affordable counselling supports in this area of mental health were seriously lacking in our current health system, that women & partners were not supported in a timely fashion.

Soon Nurture was developed with the main focus being on counselling women struggling with their mental health around Conception, Pregnancy & Childbirth health related issues. Nurture Health currently works with 28 qualified humanistic counsellors who are accredited to their respective governing bodies in Ireland and are fully trained in all of the above areas:

Irene understands and recognises that family life can be absolutely shattered when a woman experiences debilitating illnesses such as depression in pregnancy, postnatal depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, IVF disappointment, stillbirths, miscarriages, premature births and neonatal deaths.

In 2015 Irene successfully won Social Entrepreneurs Ireland For Impact’ award this is an extremely prestigious award with significant investment for Irene as an Entrepreneur both financially and professionally. Irene attended SEI’s business programme from 2015- 2018. This programme assisted Irene to understand the implications of developing further management skills as to what is required to financially manage and sustain a counselling and training business in the health care sector in Ireland

Irene is also an expert health advisor with and has written and contributed numerous health articles supporting women – talking about the signs and symptoms of baby blues, postnatal depression, traumatic birth and other health issues.

2019 in this day and age it is key that a woman can receive as many supports as possible  Irene recognises the importance of women being offered professional counselling and has negotiated with both Irish Life and Vhi Insurance Companies to introduce insurance cover for the women & partners Nurture Health work with. This is revolutionary for women’s health in Ireland and we in Nurture Health are delighted to grow this wonderful working partnership with increasing numbers of women attending our professional counselling support services.   

  Nurture Health Unique Wellness Programmes for Women

WOW (Wellness of Women in the Workplace)

Return Back to Work programme after maternity leave

These programmes are delivered by Irene and her team of accredited counsellors across the country and are suitable for delivery to the corporate sector, women’s organisations and groups.  

            Irene is available to give professional talks about Nurture’s journey and the incredible work our counsellors do for Nurture Health. She talks about how stigmatised and taboo this area of women’s mental health is in Ireland today and why women are afraid to talk out about how debilitating these illnesses are in their daily lives.

Irene talks about the real statistics of these illnesses, the signs and symptoms of what women generally experience. She offers, some learned solutions and as to how a woman can move forward in a positive way where family life can once again be restored.

Over the past nine years Nurture has counselled over 7,000 women & 1,100 partners we offer a sense of ‘Hope’ to every woman with an aim to create a better Ireland and let women know ‘they are not alone’.