What is Counselling 

Counselling or Psychotherapy can cover a lot of areas: how you are feeling now, how are you coping, what are your physical symptoms, thoughts and fears, is there any issues in the past that have caused you to feel this way or to affect your thinking. The aim of counselling is to try and see issues more clearly, possibly from a different view-point and to help you recover from your emotional distress / or illness.

Talking with a Counsellor 
The role of a counsellor or therapist is to allow you to explore many aspects of your life and feelings, by talking openly and freely.  Counsellors are non-judge mental and they are not emotionally involved with the client like family or friends are. They do not have opinions or biases towards you. There is no embarrassment or shame talking to a counsellor this provides you with a safe space to talk about your life and acknowledge your hurts or past experiences. Counselling will help you to talk about feelings such as anger, resentment, guilt or fear in a confidential safe environment.

How will counselling or therapy help me?
Professional counselling and support can help you to understand what has contributed to your emotional distress and illness this in turn will benefit you as a woman or a mother. It will help you work through a variety of reasons why you are feeling the way you are now. Some of these feelings could be:

  • Unrealistic expectations of motherhood
  • Rigid and controlling thoughts
  • High levels of anxiety and panic
  • Traumatic experiences from your past
  • Loss or grief

Counselling provides assistance in your recovery, reduces confusion, allowing you to make effective and helpful decisions leading to positive changes in your thinking, emotions, attitude and / or behaviour.

Do I go on my own?
Yes primarily you should go for counselling on your own. Sometimes you need the space to talk about you. On occasions if you feel it would benefit your relationship with your partner you can ask the counsellor if it is okay to bring your partner into the counselling room for a period of time. The counselling journey is about you. Nurture Health health also provides couple counselling depending on the relevant counsellor.

Nurture Health Counselling

All calls are centralised in Nurture Health’s HQ thus ensuring every woman or partner receives the same initial level of care prior to attending their respective counsellor. Nurture Health works with 28 accredited counsellors fully trained in our area of health.

Book a Nurture Health Counsellor

Or you can call Nurture Health HQ

Mobile Number:  085 8619585 or email info@nurturehealth.ie

You can organise an immediate counselling appointment. Nurture Health has a ‘No Wait List’ policy and our supports are immediate and affordable.

Counselling is a confidential service, no information can be passed onto other organisations or individuals without your consent. Nurture Health accredited counsellors attend monthly supervision to discuss their work thus ensuring they remain well and continue to offer clients an excellent standard of counselling.

With confidentiality the only exception to this rule is if you, or someone else around you are at risk of significant harm this must be reported on to your GP, Public Health Nurse or another relevant health organisation like the HSE.