Skype Counselling

skypeSome clients are very apprehensive and nervous about coming for counselling and prefer to use our Skype service. This service takes the woman, partner or family member out of isolation and allows them to talk to a Nurture counsellor in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Skype enables our counsellors access to women, partners and families in the remotest parts of Ireland where we are not yet offering Face-to-Face counselling, and as location is not an issue, women, partners and family members are able to choose a Nurture counsellor from any part of the country.

Skype counselling works on a time that suits the individual and helps avoid additional stress such as traffic jams, travelling long distances, travel costs and childcare.

Nurture recognises the benefits of Face-to-Face professional counselling whereby the client and counsellor meet face to face. We do not believe Skype replaces the human counselling relationship but we do feel Skype has its own benefits in the counselling world. Skype is a real option for consideration based on each individual’s specific needs and geographical areas.


How to register for Skype counselling

To register for Skype counselling please click here to see how to contact us.

Nurture will liaise with the woman, partner or family member prior to selecting a professional counsellor to suit their needs. The counsellor will then contact the individual directly and arrange a Skype appointment.

Once a time and date is secured each Skype session will last for 50 minutes.

Find out more about Skype and how to use it on their website

Please note

All payment arrangements must be made between the client and the counsellor directly. Payments must be made and approved prior to the Skype counselling session commencing.

We have chosen Skype as our virtual medium to keep down the costs of the counselling session.