Nurturing Women Coffee & Chats

We are excited to share this wonderful resource over an eight week period with you. Our unique women’s get-together includes talking with our expert professionals about mental health, nutrition, exercise and beauty.

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During these community get-togethers we will be providing a safe environment in discussing topics such as mental health, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and more as well as how to manage these feelings and hopefully learn tools to help you move forward in life in a more resilient and positive way.
A better lifestyle and mental health also requires a focus on physical health. We will work towards easy health tips on nutrition and exercise that we can work with everyday thanks to our guest speakers.

Seeing as we will be working towards better selves, we also invite our community to take part in talks provided by beauty experts about some fun aspects like hair and make-up. What new hairstyle might suit you? Create an exciting new makeover? What might a new glitzy attire look like for you during the Winter months?

Our aim is that by the time this amazing eight week get together is completed you will be feeling refreshed, empowered and much more confident in yourself and make a few more friends along the way.

We look forward to meeting you soon. ūüíú

Warmest regards,

Irene Lowry

Owner Nurture Health and Facilitator of Nurturing Women