nurture counselling

Nurture’s counselling approach is a humanistic one. We offer compassion and respect to every woman, man and family who contacts us and attends our support services. Our professional counsellors are kind, friendly and extremely understanding women and men. They are more than respectful to every personal situation and offer each individual a confidential, judgement free, independent counselling service.

Counselling with Nurture helps each woman, their partner and family members gain a deeper understanding of how they are feeling and why. It offers the opportunity to talk openly about their feelings, hurt, worries or concerns, and allows them to explore these feelings and overcome them. Nurture encourages self-awareness and self-realisation and believes these help each individual to move forward in their lives.

Whilst our counsellors are trained in many other areas of emotional health, they are specifically trained to work in the areas Nurture deals with. They are fully accredited and are recognised by their respective governing bodies, including the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), and the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP).

Women and their partners can also attend the counsellor-facilitated support groups organised by Nurture during or after their counselling sessions, depending on their needs.

Nurture also offers life motivational skills courses which are run by our professional counsellors and facilitators over a six week period and follows on from the support groups.

Our counselling and support services work very effectively and we have seen many women, their partners and family members lives being once again restored in a positive and healthy way.

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