Our Working Partnership with Irish Life & Vhi Insurance Companies

Nurture Health has a wonderful working partnership with both Irish Life Health and Vhi in Ireland and they both offer considerable contributions on your Insurance policies to enable you to attend our professional counselling support services for both women and partners. How great is it that Insurance Companies now recognise that women need to find a safe space to talk and they will cover this on your insurance policy. This is a revolutionary idea and a wonderful concept and Nurture Health welcome this as we are all about supporting women.

Some of the areas that both Insurance Companies support are:  
Baby Blues, Depression in Pregnancy, Post Natal Depression, Infertility, IVF Disappointment, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Neonatal Deaths, Premature Babies, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 

Nurture Health wants to create ‘A better Ireland’ and let women know ‘they are not alone’. Please don’t suffer in silence we are here to support you.

Please Call 085 8619585 or Email info@nurturehealth.ie

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