Pregnancy Loss


Baby loss during Pregnancy includes miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth and other conditions that cause a pregnancy to end before birth and is officially called pregnancy loss.

The loss of a baby during pregnancy is heartbreaking for everyone involved. You may feel stunned or shocked. You may wonder why this happened to you and your baby. You may feel cheated and angry. Or you may just feel sad.

It’s OK to have these feelings. You may not have had the chance to touch or hold your baby, but you may still need time to grieve and heal.

While most pregnancy loss may not seriously affect a woman’s physical health in the long term, it can have a significant emotional impact, with many couples experiencing feelings of loss and grief. Losing a baby affects both the mother and father, and it is vital to talk about the effect this loss is having.


It is well known that pregnancy loss can cause enormous stress and emotional pain for both partners. Most women and men expect to have children and when this does not happen, they can lose confidence, self-esteem, and the sense of hope.

It can also lead individuals and couples to experience anger, conflict, deep sadness, frustration, and fear.  The woman may feel that her body is inadequate that she cannot hold onto a baby in pregnancy, while the man may be at a loss as to what to do next.


You are not alone, and it really is okay to talk about it.


Nurture Health counselling allows a couple to express their feelings and relieve pain in a confidential environment without judgement. We believe it is helpful to talk with someone who is impartial and can help you start to heal emotionally.

If you have experienced pregnancy loss and need someone to talk to, please click here to see how to contact us.