Welcome to Nurture Health’s Registration System

**At this point we must advise you this is only a Registration System it does not work with set appointments these are organised directly with you after you have completed your details and paid for your up coming counselling appointment. Our counsellors will contact you within 48 hours of registration to set up a Date and Time that is convenient for you**

Thank you for contacting Nurture Health we are delighted to be in a position to support you at this time. We offer immediate professional counselling with a ‘No Wait List Policy’. We work with accredited counsellors. All our counsellors are trained up in our area of women’s well being.

You Can Register All your Details & Pay Online Below: 

**There is a once off processing fee of €50 to be paid to Nurture Health as you book your appointment with one of our counsellors**

This €50.00 fee is non refundable once you have accessed and had a counselling session with one of our counsellors. If you do not connect with a counsellor we will offer you the possibility to connect in with a different qualified counsellor.

The counsellor will receive your details and contact you directly (generally within 48 hours). When you attend your counsellor you pay them directly their counselling fee of €50 per session.

Vhi clients will need to call us on 085 8619585 to register their details with Nurture Health but please check your policy entitlements prior to calling us.

Counselling sessions are face to face in the counsellors home or office. Details of which will be given to you by our counsellors directly when you are called to arrange your first counselling appointment. We also offer counselling via Skype & Telephone support.
Please feel free to contact us on Mob: 085 8619585 or email us on info@nurturehealth.ie at any time it is our pleasure to support you.

Thank you 

Irene Lowry 

Nurture Health 

Managing Director