One of the main services within Nurture Health is our support groups which are run by both professional counsellors and facilitators.

By attending a support group the individual has an opportunity to meet like-minded people who may be experiencing similar thoughts and feelings. Our groups take away the feeling of isolation and offer real support.

nurture support groups

These groups are vitally important in helping women and men in their emotional lives and mental wellbeing.  We recognise that when a woman is struggling and battling various illnesses so too are those around her.

Although the support groups are structured the facilitators are flexible and work around each person’s needs.

The duration of the support groups is 10 weeks and once a group commences it is closed to new members for confidentiality reasons as well as to develop a level of trust and respect amongst the attendees. Those attending certain groups are welcome to bring their babies along too.

You are not alone and it really is okay to talk about it

If you would like to attend a support group please go our upcoming support group page to register your interest in attending.